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Sahoma Controlware provides services in Digital Transformation, Automation & Control, SCADA & Telemetry, Real-Time Data, Industrial IoT, Industrial I.T., Software Development, and Embedded Systems.


Our expertise spans more than 20+ years of applied industry experience from Small to Fortune 100 & 500 Customers.


Our Creative & Innovative experience is coupled with highly trained and competent personnel which possess exceptional Design, Project Management, Systems Integration and Software Development experience.


Sahoma Controlware has the proven experience required to deliver the Design, Implementation, and Startup of Major Process Control System and Custom Technology Projects which include retrofits or grass root types.


Sahoma Controlware is headquartered in United States with offices in Oklahoma and Washington.  For International Project Support, Sahoma Controlware has offices in Zurich Switzerland to support European, Africa, and Asia projects.


The Sahoma Controlware is an Industrial Revolution Technology Solutions Company pioneering innovative solutions through technology and hard work.  We find ways to collaborate in the face of competition and bring people to the table in solving logistical challenges around the globe.

The Sahoma Controlware fosters relationships at all levels to build complete solutions, collaborative teams in a variety of competitive industries.  We put the customer first to deliver custom designs and innovative control processes with global impact. 

The Sahoma Controlware sees the future through Systems Integration, Digital Transformation, Control Systems, Automation, SCADA/Telemetry, Real-Time Data, Industrial IoT, Industrial I.T, Software Development, and Embedded Systems.  We put the customer in the driver’s seat to achieve commercial or industrial results around the globe.


Developing novel ideas and delivering innovative solutions for today’s global challenges.

Customizing opportunities for the world’s challenges through innovation, technology, and industry leadership.

Taking customers to new levels with Innovative designs and novel control processes.

To SAFELY produce QUALITY data that is accurate, timely and of the highest INTEGRITY.

To provide SERVICE that consistently exceeds our clients expectations.

To continuously improve our PERFORMANCE by developing and implementing the latest TECHNOLOGY & METHODS.

To achieve steady GROWTH benefiting our clients, employees and our company the healthiest and safest manner possible.

About Us
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